Pengembangan Pembelajaran Flipped Classroom Dengan Memanfaatkan LMS Kelase Topik Menggambar Grafik Fungsi SMP Kelas VIII


  • Maria Pitadosi Kurniawidi
  • Maria Fransisca Tiska Gandi Nakita

Kata Kunci:

Flipped Classroom, Kelase, Quiz, Drawing Graph Function


The purpose of this research is to develop a virtual classroom to assist students in improving the ability to draw functional graphs with the flipped classroom learning model. Learning flipped classroom is done by using the media learning management system (LMS) Kelase with the topic of graph function drawing with research subjects are some students of class VIII Private Junior High School in Yogyakarta. Research data obtained through interviews with students related to learning difficulties to draw graphic functions and documentation of student learning outcomes in the form of quizzes followed by students to see the improvement of the concept of student learning comprehension with the model of learning flipped classroom for students of Junior High School class VIII. Data analysis was done descriptively with result of research indicate that learning of flipped classroom with LMS Kelase can help students in understanding concept of graphing function.


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