Lesson Learned on Technology Advancement in New Normal: A Pendulum


  • Mohd Hisbany Mohd Hashim Universiti Teknology Mara Malaysia, Malaysia


For most of us we could not have predicted the coming of the pandemic – Covid19 and how it can impact our lives since it started in the late 2019. Furthermore, we are living around stage 4 of Industrial revolution with all kinds of technologies that could support our lives. As such and however, now we are scrambling to adapt to the current so call new normal with full of anxiety, pessimism in all the different ways in which technology would change our world and impact our lives. With this emotion and a sense of growing apprehension, we are thinking that can technology helps create a better world or not. The pandemic and new normal is forging a pendulum of technology to determine the direction of life – stay, move forward, or go back.






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