The Blessing of Pandemic: Sinergizing Education and Technology Makes Learning More Flexible


  • Muhammad Irfan Universitas Sarjanawiyata Tamansiswa, Indonesia


The pandemic has changed people's behavior in various fields of life, including education. Changes in learning from offline to online-learning have positive and negative effects. Many researchers have researched the negative effects of pandemics in the field of education, but in this article, researchers try to present the blessings of a pandemic, one of which is a form of synergy between education and technology that makes learning more flexible. This article is a literature review accompanied by surveys conducted by the author in the online class of undergraduate students at a university in Yogyakarta. As a result, students become accustomed to carrying out online learning using LMS, video conferencing, learning videos, and various platforms. Of the many platforms that support online learning, LMS is the platform that students want the most because of its very complete features.

Keywords: blessing pandemic; online learning, education and technology






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