Pengembangan perangkat pembelajaran berbasis blended learning pada mata kuliah pengantar pendidikan

Fitri Diah Rousana, Siti Mariah, Anggri Sekar Sari


The purpose of this research is; 1) Developing learning tools based on blended learning; 2) Knowing the feasibility of learning tools based on blended learning, and 3) Knowing student responses to learning tools in the Pengantar Pendidikan course. The type of research is Research and Development. Descriptive research results show that 1) the development of blended learning based learning devices in the Pengantar Pendidikan courses is done through 5 stages, a) analyzing product requirements b) product development RPS, RTM, and module, c) expert validation carried out by 3 experts and revised d) small scale trials conducted on 5 to test the readability of the instrument, and e) limited testing carried out on 33 students, 2) learning tools stated feasible based on expert validation 3) Student responses based on the results of student questionnaires are in a good category to support learning activities.

Kata Kunci

Perangkat Pembelajaran; Blended Learning; Pengantar Pendidikan



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