Peer Review Process

PeerReview Process

1. Articles submitted to Jurnal Manajemen are articles that have never been published in other journals or are in the process of publishing.
2. Articles submitted to Editor in digital format online. After being accepted by the editorial board the article will be examined in general to determine whether the article topic is in accordance with the mission of the Jurnal Manajemen. Articles that do not match will be rejected and communicated directly with the author as well as the reasons for the rejection.
3. Articles that are declared to be suitable will be sent directly to at least 2 reviewers for further review (double-blind review). Based on comments and recommendations from reviewers, the editorial team will communicate the results of reviewers' review to the author (accepted without revision, accepted with minor revisions, accepted with major revisions, rejected due to the quality of writing, or related to ethical issues writing scientific articles.
4. Articles that have been revised by writers must be sent back to the editorial board for a specified period of time. If you exceed the specified limit the article will be considered as a new submission.

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