Author Guidelines

Media Management Education (Educational Management Scientific Journal) is a forum for scientific publications in the field of education and education management originating from research results or theoretical studies. This journal is published three times in one volume (every year) namely February, June, and October by the Education Management Study Program, Directorate of Postgraduate Education, Universitas Sarjanawiyata Tamansiswa.

Media Management Education publishes scientific papers in the field of Education and Education Management. Articles can be in the form of dissemination of research results, comprehensive scientific literature reviews or reviews of scientific books. The published article has never been published and is not being considered for publication in another journal. Articles submitted to Education Management Media must be free from plagiarism. Overall, the manuscript must contain an abstract, introduction, research methods, results and discussion, conclusions and literature.

Manuscripts are written in TNR-12 upright, with a space of 1. Each paragraph begins with a word that indents into 5-6 digits, or about 1.2 cm from the left edge of each column.

Articles can be written in Indonesian or English. The writing uses MS Word, the font type used for the article is Times New Roman size 12 pt with 1 spacing. The article is written in MS-Word A4 size. The minimum number of pages is 8 and a maximum of 15 pages, with the upper, lower and right margins of 3 cm and the left margin of 3.0 cm. Articles are written on the right and left edges even (justified), and indented the beginning of the paragraph (first line). Each page must be numbered in the bottom center.