Holistic Education: "Nurturing the Learners and Contributors for the Digital Economy"


  • Ng Kok Chuan ICAS Training & Education College, Singapore


The future of industry 4.0 revolution has begun. Since the World Economic Forum in 2015, the world leaders have realised the need and imperative to respond to the continuing transformation of the knowledge and digital Economy. Many traditional jobs will be lost, but many new jobs and opportunities created. Skill and career life-spans are getting shorter. Already, we witness the impact on current generation of workforce from fresh school leavers to mid-career, and beyond. Today, the educationists all over the world are facing a daunting task to educate and prepare the whole generation of students for the new economy. And we know the scale and complexity of the challenge is unprecedental. Using Singapore as a case study, the speaker shall share from his professional and personal experience and observations on challenge we face.






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