Commerce Based Learning For mentally disable children


  • Gunawan Fathony SLB Negeri Purworejo, Indonesia


Mentally disabled children are often marginalized by people who regard them as useless humans. They have a level of intelligence far below the average normal child, so they are not able to attend school programs intended for normal children. They need special education services. This child is called a mentally retarded child. Mentally disabled children as part of the community have the right to education. Mentally disabled children need special education services because their ability to learn is very different from normal children. Sekolah luar biasa (SLB) is a formal education institution that is specifically devoted to children with special needs, one of whom is a mentally disabled child. But it is unfortunate that education for mentally retarded children is still very poor considering the value of benefits for their future Learning methods that have been carried out in schools require an improvement where mentally retarded children's education is oriented towards the value of benefits in the future. Therefore the author tries to design a learning model that is oriented to the value of benefits for the lives of mentally retarded children in the future. Commerce based learning is a model that is oriented towards the future of mentally retarded children. Commerce based learning focuses on a goal that is on commerce. Material taught by teachers in mentally retarded children must have a relationship with supervision. This is because commerce based learning does prepare children with intellectual disabilities Keyword: commerce based learning, mentally disabled children






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