Strengthening Character Education Through School Culture


  • Nuning Kurniasih MTs N 2 Purworejo, Indonesia


School is second house for students. They spend about 5-7 hours a day not only for learning school subjects but also doing other activites like extra lesson or extracurricular such as scout, sport or art. This is aimed to optimize students’ development both in knowledge and character. This is appropriate with vision and mission of MTs N 2 Purworejo. There are some challenges should be faced such as internet impact and environment which can influence students’ character. Some events have reminded school to apply some school cultures to strengthen character education so they can prevent bad impact that come even from internet or others. This paper discusses about some school cultures applied in MTs N 2 Purworejo namely 3S (Senyum, Salam, Sapa ), Reading Quran, solat jemaah and Tahfidzul Quran. Keyword : characters; school culture; 3S concept; reading Quran; solat jemaah;tahfidzul quran






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