Subjects In Culture And Its Problems At School


  • Probo Harjanti SMP Negeri 3 Gamping, Indonesia


Arts and culture subjects have a strategic role related to their role as forming personal harmony and encouraging students to achieve multi-intelligence. Problems in cultural arts subjects have long occurred, from some curriculum changes this problem has not been solved. This art of culture consists of 4 aspects of art (appearance, music, dance and theater), its implementation in the field varies in various aspects of its art. In connection with the enactment of national standard school examination (USBN) art and culture, the question arises how the actual application of cultural arts learning is in accordance with the will of the curriculum. During this time the implementation still depends on the availability and compromise of the existing art and culture teachers, with various artistic education backgrounds. This study aims to portray cultural arts as subjects, along with problems that arise in the field, related to the application and selection of aspects of art that students must receive.

Keyword: subjects: the art of culture; teacher






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