Evaluation Of Thematic Learning In 2013 Curriculum In SD


  • Ari Setiawan Sarjanawiyata Tamansiswa University, Indonesia
  • Widowati Pusporini Sarjanawiyata Tamansiswa University, Indonesia
  • C.Indah Nartani Sarjanawiyata Tamansiswa University, Indonesia
  • Nurul Hamidah Yogyakarta State University, Indonesia


The research was carried out with the aim of: (1) knowing the thematic learning process (2) knowing the type of assessment used by the teacher in tenmatic learning. This type of research is evaluation research with a formative approach from Scriven. Evaluation is carried out in the ongoing thematic learning process. The location of this research is at Kaliagung Public Elementary School, Sentolo Kulonprogo. The respondents included were teachers and elementary students, with the number of respondents 3 teachers and 50 students. Data collection techniques in this study use instruments in the form of questionnaires with sumative rating scale models that modify the Likert and Interiew scales. Data analysis techniques are quantitative descriptive, with the help of an excel program. The results of the analysis are presented in the histogram to illustrate the achievement of the learning process and assessment conducted by the teacher. The results of this study are: (1) it is known that the achievement of the thematic learning process which is divided into 3 preliminary sections is categorized quite good, the learning model used is in good category and learning activities outside the classroom are in the good category. (2) assessment of learning conducted by the teacher is in the Good category. Overall evaluation results show that the thematic learning done by the teacher is good. Suggestions are given to teachers in terms of education or preparation in teaching which needs to be improved. Keywords: evaluation, thematic learning, formative






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