Validity of the Selection Test of the Education Management Postgraduate Education Directorate UST Perspective of Academic Quality Guidance for Students


  • Agustina Sri Purnami UST Postgraduate Education, Indonesia


This study has been done aims to look at the validity of the test in the UST Education Management (EM), in anticipation of problems that arise in the quality of the test. The EM competency standard of the EM requires a tool that is able to predict prospective students in participating in the education program at the EM UST. This type of research is quantitative. The results showed that the entry into the Education Management gave a contribution and was able to predict the ability of EM students, with R = 0.477, R2 = 0.227 F = 19.999 and sign. = 0.000. Thus the selection test can be used to predict prospective students in participating in education programs at the EM Program of UST.






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