Evaluation of Adiwiyata Programs in Realizing School Of Care and Environmental Culture


  • Agus Santosa SD Negeri Tamanagung 4 Muntilan Magelang, Indonesia


The purpose of this study is to: 1. evaluate the implementation of the adiwiyata program at SDN Muntilan 3, Muntilan District. 2. To find out how far the school has succeeded in managing the environment. The subjects of this study were elementary school students in grades IV and V, Principals, Teachers, and School Guards at Muntilan 3 Elementary School. The method used in this study was descriptive qualitative which revealed the application of the Adiwiyata program at Muntilan 3 Elementary School, Muntilan District. Data was collected using direct observation, interviews and documentation. The researcher conducted direct non-participant observation by coming to the location five times. Conduct open interviews with subjects to get more comprehensive information. The subject here is the primary data source. Researchers also study documents, such as school curriculum, adiwiyata administration books, extracurricular activity books, and activity photos, the data here is referred to as secondary data.

Keywords: observation instrument, primary data, secondary data







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