The Influence of Group Guidance Services in Developing Positive Self Concept


  • Ari Dwi Harsono SMPN 2 Kaliangkrik, Indonesia


Self-concept is a unique character in humans, so it can be used to distinguish humans from other living things. Every individual has a self-concept, but they do not know whether the self-concept is negative or positive. There are also problems in this study is how to increase self-concept in class VIII students of SMP 2 Kaliangkrik in 2018/2019 Academic Year after effective group guidance services. The purpose of this study was to improve self-concept in class VIII students of SMP 2 Kaliangkrik Academic Year 2018/2019 through effective group guidance services. The subjects of this study were 10 students of class VIII of Kaliangkrik 2 Junior High School who had a low self-concept by using purposive sampling. There are also variables studied are self-concept. The method used in this study is the psychological scale while the data collection tool used is the scale of self-concept which is the first stage tested the level of validity and reliability. There is also the result of the validity test N = 30, r table 0.361 then the instrument used is valid because r count> r table. While the reliability test with alpha formula can be seen that r count = 0.889> 0.361 it can be said that this instrument is reliable. The data analysis technique used is non-parametric method using Wilcoxon test. From the results of research, it can be concluded that based on research results that self-concept can be improved through group guidance services. Wilcoxon test results obtained from Zhitung = -15,860 less than Ztable = (-0,48) or in Ho rejection area. This shows there is a significant increase in self-concept after following group guidance services. Based on the results of the study it can be concluded that group guidance services are effective as an effort to develop positive self-concept of students.

Keywords: positive self-concept, group guidance







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