The Effect of Game Card Media on Motivation and Student Learning Outcomes in Science Learning


  • Valentina Hermin Prihatiningsih SDN Mungkid 2 Magelang, Indonesia


This research based on problems: 1. How does the game card media influence student motivation? 2. How does the game card media influence student learning outcomes? 3. How is the correct application of the game card media so that it can increase the motivation and learning outcomes of the sixth grade in SDN Mungkid 2 Magelang. The research held on 2 cycle. Each cycle consists of four stages: Planning, Action, Observation, Reflection. The target of this study was the sixth grade students of SDN Mungkid 2 Magelang . Data obtained based on the form formative test results, observation sheets of teaching and learning activities. The results of the research showed that the used of game card media can increase students' motivation and learning outcomes on “Perkembangbiakan Makhluk Hidup†mater. Motivation increased by 60% from the initial condition of 8 students (32%) to 23 students (92%) and science learning outcomes increased by 68% from the initial condition 6 students completed (24%) to 23 students complete (92%) were the average increased 24.76 from the initial condition 51.52 to cycle II in the final condition which had an average of 76.28.

Keywords: motivation, learning outcomes, game card media







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