The Role of School Library in Improving The Interest of Reading


  • Ilda lestari Basalama SDN Ringinanom 1 Kec Tempuran Kab Magelang, Indonesia


The purpose of this study was to determine the role of the school library towards students' interest in reading at SDN Ringinanom 1 Tempuran District, Magelang District, the formulation of the problem in this study is how the role of the school library towards reading interest and learning activities As for those involved since the study were students of SDN Ringinanom 1 Tempuran Subdistrict, Magelang District. Numbering 53 students in 2018/2019, the Management amounted to 3 people, namely the head of the library with two members. The method used in this research is data collection techniques, consisting of for observation, the distribution of purposive questionnaires aimed at knowing reading interest and continued with in-depth interviews with selected respondents. Whereas the sample which is set at 10% of the population of 348 students. After that the data is processed using qualitative descriptive techniques with percentages. Analysis of results obtained showed that students who visited the school library were not good because less than 5 times in one month (55.55%). While the completeness of the book according to the subject matter not yet in accordance with the needs of students (66.66%). This study also shows that books that are of great interest to students are textbooks (77.77%). Similarly the teacher always gives encouragement to students about the benefits school library (51.85%). And also about the reason students visit the library school to find school assignments (55.55%). Data from the research also shows that with the school library students' interest in reading is not increasing (66.66%). The results of this study indicate that the School Library of SDN Ringinanom 1 has very little role in increasing the reading interest of SDN Ringinanom 1 students Tempuran District, Magelang Regency.

Keywords: role, school library, ask to read







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