The Influence of Information Technology Based Learning Media on Student Learning Motivation


  • Prastawa Wahyujati SMP Negeri 1 Bandongan, Indonesia


The study of the Influence of Learning Media based on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) on Learning Motivation was carried out on Students in 1 Bandongan Public Middle School. This study was conducted on ninth grade students in Natural Sciences subjects. This study was conducted to determine the effect of the use of Information Technology and Communication-based learning media on Power Point programs on students' learning motivation. This study uses a quasi-experimental design with the form of nonequivalent control group design. Based on tests of normality, homogeneity, and t test from pretest-posttest data, the learning motivation of experimental class students can be concluded that first there are differences in learning motivation between students before and after treatment in the experimental class using ICT-based learning media. Second, there are differences in students' learning motivation between before and after treatment in the control class that uses media charta. Third, there is no difference in the increase in students' learning motivation between experimental classes that use ICT-based learning media with control classes that use media charta.

Keywords: quasi design experiment, ICT, media charta, learning motivation







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