Use for Experimental Methods Improving Students 'Activities and Achievements in Class V Elementary School Learning Learning


  • Dwi Semi Sayekti SDN Ringinanom1 Kecamatan Tempuran Kabupaten Magelang, Indonesia


Research title "The Use of Experimental Methods to Increase Student Learning Activity and Achievement in Natural Science Learning about light material and its Class V Ringinanom 1 Elementary School, Tempuran District, Magelang District". The aim of the study was to increase the activeness and learning achievement of students in learning Natural Sciences by using the experimental method in class V SDN Ringinanom1. The research method used is descriptive. The subjects of this study were 14 students. Observation results, data from observations listening to explanations in cycle 1 was 25.7% and cycle 2 to 27%, the activity of conducting experiments in cycle 1 was 13.6% and cycle 2 was 28%, the activity of communicating results in cycle 1 was 25% and cycle 2 becomes 29%, so the students' activeness in cycle 1 is 64.3% and cycle 2 becomes 84%, and the percentage of students who have achieved completeness criteria in cycle 1 is 57.1% and cycle 2 becomes 92.8%. Thus the use of experimental methods in science learning can improve the activeness and learning achievement of grade V students of SDN Ringinanom 1.

Keywords: experimental method, science process skills







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