The Effect of Cooperative Learning Models of Teams Games Tournaments (TGT) Types On Motivation and Mathematical Learning Results


  • Kiki Engga Dewi SD N Jaban, Indonesia


This study was to determine the effect of TGT type cooperative learning learning on mathematics learning motivation of grade 3 students of SD N Jaban Sleman in 2018-1919. This type of research is PTK which is carried out collaboratively and participatively. This research was conducted in 3 cycles with the subject of this study, namely all students in grade 3 of SD N Jaban Sleman in 2018/2019 which meant 24 students. Appropriate data collection techniques. Data from circles is analyzed using specified guidelines and references. The results of the study showed that TGT cooperative learning consisting of presentation step classes, study groups, games, tournaments and groups, could increase students' motivation and learning outcomes in mathematics learning for grade 3 students of SD N Jaban Sleman in 2018-1919. Based on the measurement of students in cycle I showed that 8.33% of students reached low, while 66.67% of students were moderate, and 25% were still in high motivation, in cycle II showed 8.33% of low motivation, 45.83% of students were at medium time, and 45.83% with high criteria. Whereas cycle III shows that 41.67% are at medium time and 58.33% are in high motivation. Student learning outcomes from cycle I were 50.83, cycle II was 47.83, and cycle III was 60.29. Student learning outcomes fall from cycle I to cycle II by 0.3, while the average from the average from cycle II to cycle III is 12.46. The expected learning outcomes have been achieved for students in cycle III there are 55% of students getting a score of ≥60.

Keywords: TGT cooperative learning, motivation, learning achievement mathematics







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