The Value of the Character in the Five Mountain Festival as a Strengthening Of Character Education


  • Ria Putri Rahmawati SDN Jati 3 Sawangan Kabupaten Magelang, Indonesia


Globalization causes the degeneration of children's character. Both in the city and in the villages experience the impact of technological developments. Nowadays children are more interested in modern events more than events that preserve culture. This is due to the development of technology accompanied by modern events and forgetting regional cultural events. With the character degeneration, it is necessary to strengthen character education. The character of a child formed from a person is influenced by family and environmental factors. The important role of parents and society are very important for the sustainability of local culture. The process of character dissemination is not only through class but also utilizing the environment. The aim of the introduction of the Five Mountain Festival is to restore the character of students who are starting to fade away from the flow of globalization and technological development. The art in The Five Mountain Festival is one solution to the problem of decreasing student character. In The Five Mountain Festival there are four strengths of character education that can be used to overcome the problems faced. The values contained in the Five Mountain Festival are religious, independent, mutual cooperation and nationalist.

Keywords: character; globalization; five mountain festival; traditional art







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