Instrument Validity of Students Good Manners in Subject Javanese Language


  • Rusman As’ari SMP Negeri 2 Kaliangkrik, Indonesia


The aim of this study to find out the validity of the instrument used to assess good manners in Javanes Language subject on SMP Negeri 2 Kaliangkrik. This research is Research and Development (R&D) with six stages of research. There are 1) analysis of potential and problems. 2) collecting data. 3) product design 4) design validity 5) revised design, and 6) product trial. the subject in this study is class VII, VIII, and IX students SMP Negeri 2 Kaliangkrik. Data collection using a questionnaire Likert scale to measure perceptions of expert teams and teachers against the instruments made. The attitude assessment instrument was validated by 3 teachers. This research produces Research instrument good manners. In the form of an observation sheet in the form of a checklist. The compliance sheet contains five positive statements and five negative statements. The average percentage of the three teachers is 60% the "Good" category. While through an assessment conducted by two teachers of SMP Negeri 2 Kaliangkrik, the observation sheet gained an average of 89% which is categorized as "very good". The results of Alpha Cronbach reliability for Class VII, VIII, and IX is > 0,6 the "reliable" category. These results show that assessment instrument good manners are worthy to use in learning Javanese Language on SMP Negeri 2 Kaliangkrik.

Keywords: research, validity, instruments, good manners, and Javanese Language.







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