The Effectivity of Physical Fitness Test on Multi Level Run to Improve Students’ Motivation, Performance and Achievement


  • Muhamad Yeni Wahab SMA Negeri 1 Mertoyudan Magelang, Indonesia


The nature of physical fitness training is a physical condition exercise (Physical Conditioning) plays a very important role to maintain or increase the degree of physical fitness (Physical Fitness). The degree of physical fitness of a person determines his physical ability in carrying out daily tasks. The higher the degree of physical fitness of a person, the higher the physical work ability. In other words, his work is increasingly productive if his physical freshness increases. Lack of endurance, joint flexibility, muscle strength, and agility are the main causes of injury. This is due to a physical exercise program that is done by a person is not perfect before carrying out more physical activities. Physical fitness training programs need to be planned systematically. The goal is to improve physical fitness and the ability of the body's ergosystem. The process of physical fitness training is carried out carefully, repeatedly with increasing days of training load, it will improve physical fitness. This will cause a person to become more skilled, strong and efficient in his movement. Physical fitness does not only provide benefits in carrying out their daily tasks. Our body will get tremendous health benefits from the physical fitness exercises we do regularly. The steps of the research are a series of research processes where researchers face problems and try to solve problems, after the problem is found the answer from the field, then in the next stage the researcher will make a decision in the form of conclusions related to the results of the research found, so as to be able to answer the research hypothesis submitted.

Keywords: physical fitness test on multilevel run, students’ motivation, performance, achievement







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