Training High Thinking Skills through Thematic Learning with Scientific Approach to Early Children


  • Retno Atiek Kusmiyati TK Taman Indria 4 Kota Magelang, Indonesia


Education in Indonesia currently uses the 2013 curriculum with a scientific approach. The scientific approach is thought to be able to improve student learning achievement and can improve students' high-level thinking skills at every level. The formulation of the problem in this study is: How is the planning, implementation and evaluation of learning with the scientific approach carried out by Taman Indria 4 and What are the obstacles and teacher solutions in applying learning with the Scientific approach at Taman Indria 4. This study uses a qualitative approach through case studies. Data collection techniques using interviews, documentation and observation. The results of the study indicate that the application of learning with a scientific approach requires careful planning. Planning is done by participating in various training programs, seminars and training also makes Prota, Prosem, RPPM and RPPH according to the age of the child, the implementation of scientific learning uses a group model with safety activities. The inhibiting factors and solutions are: (1) limited space, utilizing class pages and the outside environment as a place of learning, (2) limited modules, utilizing internet services, (3) limited APE, utilizing used materials

Keywords: high level thinking skills, thematic learning, scientific approach







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