The Implementation of Contextual Teaching And Learning (CTL) Approach


  • Fajar Nur Aktorika Dwi Saputri SMP Al Qodiriyah, Indonesia


The objective of this research was to examine the implementation of seven components CTL learning approach on activity and study achievement in Science Biology of students grade VIII A SMP Al Qodiriyah. This research was conducted by using Classrom Action Research (CAR) with three cycles on Plant Movement learning material. The data on students response, activity and study achievement were organized by questionnaire, observation sheet, and test (pre-test and post-test) respectively. Those data were analyzed by using descriptive qualitative method and effect size d cohen. The result showed that CTL learning approach effectived to improve activity and study achievement of students grade VIII A SMP Al Qodiriyah. The improvement of study achievement can be determined from the value of effect size d cohen of 0,9 with a major effect categories.

Keywords: CTL learning approach, study activity, study achievement.







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