The Influence of Citizenship Education on the Application Of Nationalism Values During The Globalization Era


  • Jundawati Maesaroh Sarjana Wiyata University Tamansiswa, Indonesia


Globalization is an interesting issue to study. This is because not directly the influence of globalization has resulted in changes in patterns and models of people's lives, from traditional societies to a more modern and open society. The emergence of globalization is marked by progress in various fields of life, both in the field of communication and information. transportation, economy, politics, socio-culture, defense and security, as well as in other fields. The presence of globalization does have a positive impact on the progress of the nation, but on the other hand globalization also has a negative influence on the Indonesian people. The development of attitudes and culture of westernization (westernized) is a form of negative influence of globalization which is a challenge for the Indonesian people. Therefore, to answer the challenges of the negative influence of globalization, one of the efforts can be done is through strengthening the values of nationalism for citizens, including in this case the younger generation. Strengthening the value of nationalism can be implemented through Citizenship Education.

Keywords: citizenship education: value of nationalism: globalization







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