Improving Student Learning Outcomes Pancagram Media in Mathematics


  • Nanang Setiawan SDN Bojong, Indonesia


The purpose of this study was to determine the use of pancagram media in improving student learning outcomes in the fourth grade mathematics lessons SD N Bojong 1 Magelang. This research is a type of classroom action research. Subjects in this study were fourth grade students totaling 20 students in 2018/2019 school year SD N 1 Bojong Magelang. The object of this study is to increase student learning outcomes. Data collection techniques include observation, test results, and documentation. This research is successful if the results of classical student learning completeness reach 80%, individually if students have met the minimum completeness criteria set by the school that is equal to ≥70. The results of this study using the pancagram media are to improve the learning outcomes of fourth grade students of SD N 1 Bojong Magelang in Mathematics. The improvement can be seen from the increase in the percentage of students' completeness in the first cycle which is 55% or 11 of 20 students. In cycle II the percentage of students' completeness increased significantly by 85% or 17 of 20 students.

Keywords: penelitian tindakan kelas, hasil belajar, pancagram







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