Computer Based National Examination in the Context of Quality Management of Teaching Learning Process


  • Mundilarno Mundilarno Universitas Sarjanawiyata Tamansiswa, Indonesia
  • Nur Hidayah Trilistiani Universitas Sarjanawiyata Tamansiswa, Indonesia


In the world of education, the quality must always get attention. The government also carried out various ways to improve the quality of education including developing a computer-based in national examination (UNBK). Can be known student learning outcomes, UNBK also know the quality of teaching and learning process carried out by the teacher. This paper analyzed the results of research on the implementation of UNBK and related with efforts to manage the quality of education in SMP 2 Pajangan in 2018. Data collection methods used were interviews and questionnaires. Data analysis techniques used qualitative descriptive analysis techniques. The results of the study showed that the implementation of UNBK at SMP 2 Pajangan was quite good. UNBK when viewed from the aspect of achieving goals and meeting needs in the product dimension has been fulfilled and in accordance with the principles of context in the implementation of UNBK. The implementation of UNBK achieved the objectives and requirements in the aspect of the product and has answered the needs of SMP 2 Pajangan. UNBK made easy for students to do exam questions. UNBK also improved security, student comfort, and transparency in conducting examinations. Student satisfaction in the implementation of UNBK is also as feedback of the quality management of teaching and learning.

Keywords: UNBK, management, quality of teaching and learning process.






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