Effect of Curriculum Training on Quality of Productive Teachers in SMK N 7 Purworejo


  • Samsiyah Samsiyah SD SMK Negeri 7 Purworejo, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia


The formulation of writing this paper is, want to know how the influence of curriculum training on the quality of productive teacher learning in SMK N 7 Purworejo? Then this paper aims to describe the effect of curriculum training on the quality of productive teacher learning in SMK N 7 Purworejo. The results of the discussion of this paper found that the influence of curriculum training, especially for the quality of learning in SMK N 7 Purworejo, from the results of the observation and field study found that it turns out, in general the implementation of education and teacher curriculum training has a good impact on the quality of student learning on learning activities and teaching (KBM). The results of descriptive observation and documentation analysis while the authors show the impact or influence of teacher training on the quality of learning at SMK 7 Purworejo. productive teachers have a good impact on the quality of learning for students of SMK Negeri 7 Purworejo. The advice that researchers can convey to productive teachers should develop evaluation tools to be more varied, increase activities to open lessons by giving more apperception to students before starting new material, at the evaluation stage. Productive teachers are expected to provide more improvement activities and are expected to always keep abreast of developments regarding Teacher Certification by attending seminars, workshops, work meetings or studying books on Teacher Certification, in addition teachers should apply learning patterns professionally so that the learning process will be more quality.

Keywords: productive teacher, curriculum, learning.







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