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Term Paper Topics on World History and Culture

by Shanae Wiley (2021-04-01)

  • A Political Analysis of Argentina and the United States.

This graduate-level paper compares the political structure and climate of Argentina with that of United States, and examines the current crisis facing the troubled South American country.

  • A Review of Chapter VI The Wall.

choosing this is a paper topic to write my paper a writer will write it on the review of Chapter VI on "The Wall". The author shows how much else is shaped by the need to keep foreign investors pleased, while the things that are made in the factories are too costly for Filipinos, in the same pattern that is found in much of Asia and Latin American, ever since the 1970s, and that this pattern is not so different from what went before when places like the Philippines were colonies of Western powers. (pp. 91-92).

  • A Statistical Study and Analysis of the Country of Nepal.

This paper will discuss the country of Nepal and seek the basis statistics: population density, literacy, infant mortality, and rate of contraceptive use. By revealing the numbers involved on this country, a better understanding can be made for how it functions within the world scheme. By retrieving statistical information such as literacy and population growth, the hard facts can be found to make a supposition on Nepal and create a sounder way to evaluate countries through facts. 3 pgs. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

  • A Struggle for Identity and Freedom

This essay according to buy essay service will examine the question of Caribbean culture and try to answer what is it especially through the works of Kincaid's A Small Place, "A Girl," and The Autobiography of My Mother as well as Chevannes' Rastafari and Other African-Caribbean Worldviews. What one finds is a Caribbean culture attempting to reclaim its identity, while fighting against the dominant forces of oppression and colonialism.

  • AIDS in Africa: An Analysis.

This paper will discuss AIDS in Africa and will analyze what its role is in this society and how it affects the habitants that live on this large continent. A study will be made to assess what is being done about this disease and how it is being taken care of in the spectrum of its massive outbreaks over the years. These important topics will be covered in evaluating the current and past situations that have arisen due to this fatal disease on the African continent.

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Some More Term Paper Topics on  World History and Culture:

  • Adjustments Faced by Indo-Caribbean Women in British Colonies
  • Afghani Prisoners are Prisoners of War
  • Afghanistan
  • Afghanistan 1979-92
  • Afghanistan
  • Africa after the Cold War
  • Africa after the Cold War
  • Africa: The Military, One-Party Rule and the Legacy of Colonialism
  • African Studies: Questions 2, 4, and 8.
  • Afrocubanism
  • Alone And Forgotten
  • Amir Naderi's The Runner-Autobiographical Representation
  • An Analysis of Bartolome De Las Casa and Native Rights in Early Mexico
  • An Analysis of British Occupation of Egypt in 1882
  • An Analysis of Cuba and the United States in the Age of Terrorism
  • An Analysis of Economic Contrast in the Tobacco and Sugar Industries of Cuba
  • An Analysis of Indian and African Reaction to European Imperialism
  • An Analysis of Leptospirosis in Nicaragua

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